The Commercial Drive Food and Culture Experience 118


Our night started promptly at 6:00 when I met my first guest. Our other 2 guests (locals) were running a little bit late and wanted to meet us halfway through. The rain had lightened up as we headed north and got to know each other a little better.

As we headed up past Four Brothers Pizza I reflected to myself how long there had been Pizza places in that location dating back to at least ’88 when I took my first date there.

Gina* and I continued north as she schooled me on life in Tasmania where she was from. We got to Continental Coffee and grabbed some hot beverages and stayed out of the rain for a bit and continued to discuss life in different  hemispheres. It blew my mind when she mentioned everything here felt backwards because of the direction of the sunrise and sunset.

Before we knew it, the rain let up and were on our way again. Gina mentioned how prevalent the weed culture was here. Every half block after 1st we smelled another joint getting passed. We eventually made it to Sweet Cherubim and grabbed 2 of their world famous Samosas.

We met up with our local friends at Renzo’s where they were grabbing a hot beverage for themselves. After catching up on introductions we headed south until the conversation turned to whiskey. We immediately did a 180 and headed back to Fet’s Whisky Bar. Little did we know they would get raided for some of their Scotch’s the following morning!

Crown Royal Maple Harvest Whisky

Good Ole’ Maple Harvest Rye

We sipped some award winning Canadian Whisky and headed back up to Merchants Workshop, on the corner of Gravely and Commercial. Chris* was good friends with the head chef and owner Doug so we knew we were in for a treat!

We started with 2 Saratogas and I had a flight of Japanese whiskeys. Our server gave us a great deal of info on the history of the drinks, where they got their bread and how our food was going to be cooked. The presentation actually blew me away.  When our locally sourced (chinatown) bread came with in house crafted butter I knew this was going to be a unique experience. We ordered the duck confit that came on a tortilla shell with an amazing garnish.


Duck confit and garnish

Our night continued with more conversation while we enjoyed the fine food and drink. Before we were done, Doug managed to get enough time to come out and have a chat with us about the food, his restaurant and plans for the future. Once all of the olives, duck confit and whiskey was enjoyed we made our plans to wind down.

As always, I made sure Gina got to a cab and was able to get home safe and sound. For me, I was on my way home feeling blessed to be able to share my home and culture with more and more people. It’s also great to learn about other cultures.

Thanks for reading! If your interested in booking a tour with Scott and Jaimie, just click here.

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