2017 Tours

2017 was a short year for us having only started in October. Our first Commercial Drive tour fell on the American Thanksgiving weekend. We had 4 guests join us that night, all from the west coast of America. They met us at our regular spot – underneath the JJ Bean neon sign – at the corner of 6th avenue and Commercial. Being that we all had the West Coast in common our conversation was naturally steered towards the topics of gentrification and international politics.

Our second tour was booked only a week later by some local Port Coquitlam boys and some Californians. We met at JJ Bean and quickly headed up the Drive to Continental Coffee, one of the few old school coffee bars on Commercial. As we waited for our coffee, I gathered some chairs and we began to get to know each other a little better. It’s always nice to sit down for a minute and get to know our guests because it allows us to plan ahead and take advantage of our time in the neighbourhood.

During our third tour, we made a spot at Merchants Workshop where one of our guests was friends with the chef. It was great to meet Doug who made sure to come out to our table and introduce himself. Some duck confit tacos paired with my Japanese whisky flight was great but for me it was the classic 90’s hip hop in the background that really iced the cake. We also stumbled into the Dirty Penny afterwards to join local comedian and rapper Kaboom for trivia night.

Further down Commercial  with our fourth group, we got a chance to sit down for some appies and drinks at Fet’s Whisky Kitchen. We chatted and shared food and got an education on some of Fet’s 1300 bottles of whisky.   Little did we know that the next day they would be raided by the government. You can find out more about the raid by clicking here. #Saveourwhisky !!!

Sometimes, our groups aren’t that hungry and we get all the way down to Sweet Cherubim, which is just past the halfway point. It was a great place for our fifth group to sit and have a snack, the samsosa’s are to die for, and they have a huge vegan selection of food as well. If the weather is nice, it’s always good to hang out or eat at Grandview Park for a bit while soaking up the sunset and view of downtown. Or enjoying a fresh snowfall in the winter…

If you catch us on a daytime tour like our 6th group, we like to get one of Vancouver’s best deli sandwiches before walking down to the legion where we are welcome to grab a large table and eat our food. The music isn’t too loud, the drinks are cheap and you can probably beat Scott at a game of darts! It’s also a good spot to continue great conversations we have about culture, politics and life in different parts of the world. Being close to the skytrain and transit lines are great for visitors to access easily after the tour.

We have had a blast meeting each and every one of you and we look forward to spending time with all of our future guests!

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