Commercial Drive Food and Culture Experience

We will visit Vancouver Commercial drive, a culturally diverse eclectic neighbourhood outside of the city centre. We will stop in for the best coffee on the drive (on us!) at an independent coffee shop, visit a delicious eatery that grinds their own meat fresh and finish up with a drink at an unique pub that started out as an ex-serviceman’s organization after the first world war. Along the way we’ll peak into an unusual shop or two . We are likely to see street merchants and possibly some musicians. All while providing background info and sharing our opinions and favourites. The area has a wide variety of great food options, loads of excellent independent coffee shops and several interesting places to enjoy a drink.

Vancouver Whisky Experience

We will be visiting spots known for their great selection of whisky. Our first stop will be one of Vancouver’s own distillers of spirits, Odd Society, known to create great local whiskies and other spirits with unique flavours and distilling methods. Odd Society Spirits and Resurrection Spirits.

Our next stop will be at Fet’s Whisky Kitchen. Established in 1986 they have grown their collection to over 750 different bottlings, all of which are available for the whisky aficionado. It is also the location of Jaimie’s first bussing job directly after high school. A Whisky flight here is included in the price of the tour.

We never know where the whisky will take us after Fet’s but the Drive nightlife features live music, great food, and good vibes in Vancouver’s best kept secret.